Harrison Shotzbarger

Operations Manager

Harrison found cycling at an early age, but like most kids, he was only interested in jumping and crashing them. It wasn’t until his college years that he began to see it as a healthy outlet for stress, a portal to adventure, and above all, an effective and enjoyable way of daily transportation. He started on road bikes, climbing the biggest hills he could find and planning long day rides around wherever he lived. Then, as he gained more experience in the backcountry and in adventure sports, he took to the mountains via any road he could find on whatever bike he had. So began his interest and appreciation for off-road riding and two-wheeled adventure. For Harrison, biking was a tool for self expression, exploration, making friends, and connecting with the land around him. In 2013, after graduating the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Psychology, he began to pursue a career in outdoor education and worked for various companies in California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho & Wyoming. After a few years spent traveling for work and riding mountain bikes in his free time, he settled in St George and accepted the position of Operations Manager for the St George Bicycle Collective. He also is involved with a local hiking tour company - Wildland Trekking, and spends his summers as their Greater Yellowstone Program Manager in Driggs, ID. He says the best parts about living in St George are his community, the mountain bike trails, and the endless inspiration to get out on an adventure, whether it’s hiking, climbing, biking, or all three! Ask him about bikepacking, steel hardtails, music, or llamas!