Lilly Grosz

Volunteer Coordinator

Lilly has been a bicycle commuter for nearly ten years. Her newest hobbies include mountain biking and bikepacking.

Lilly joined the OBC community in 2015, when she stumbled upon the OBC’s free community mechanic classes and volunteer programs. She accepted a staff position in 2016, and brings experience in instructing and managing programs for the outdoor industry.

Danielle Stiff

Location Director

Danielle is a long time bicycle commuter, but until stepping into the Ogden Bicycle Collective (OBC), knew very little about bike mechanics.  She began attending the free Bike Mechanic 101 classes, then applied for and was accepted into the first round of OBC's Apprenticeship Program.  After completing the program, Danielle was hired as OBC's Volunteer Coordinator, where she took an active role in helping to develop many of OBC's existing programs.  When the position became available, Danielle was promoted to Director of the Ogden Bicycle Collective.  Danielle has been involved in non-profit work for over a decade, and has seen first-hand how bikes can improve people's lives.  She is proud to be part of a sustainable community organization that works to empower people and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Terry Wilmer

Youth Program Coordinator

I'm a self proclaimed bike nerd from Washington State. I'm learning that cycling in Utah is awesome!  I believe that kids and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly and that it's always a good time to ride.

JP Orquiz

Head Mechanic

JP is pretty awesome. He has lots of experience riding and working with bikes. He is a really nice guy and loves helping you fix your bike. The best thing about JP is everywhere he goes he brings his dog Cosby, who is unquestionably the best boy!    


Shop Dog

Hi all, I'm Cosby. I work here at the OBC, its my job to say hi to you as you come in the shop. I also nap a lot while my human JP fixes all the bikes. I love working here but I'd rather be on a hike or bike ride.