Clay Dean-Perry

I love bicycles for many reasons, the mechanical beauty, the carefree feeling of riding and the endorphin rush from stressing myself. I have always had a bike around to play with but became more involved with bikes as my kids grew up. I was riding and racing motorcycles and wanted to spend more time with my wife and family that a motorcycle would afford. A 1998 Schwinn homegrown really set the hook on mountain biking and shortly after began riding road bikes with my wife. We always trained for the MS-150 with friends and later finished LOTOJA and The Triple Bypass in Colorado. During this time I realized that if I rode my bike to work I felt great all day. Everything about that day was better. I became involved with the Bike Collective around 2011 (?) because of the Mission Statement. I feel privileged to be part of the organization during our growth. I am very interested in continued growth but only in a way that supports our core mission.