Crys Bunker

Crys Bunker

It seems as though Crys Bunker (he/him) has been hauling around tools and fixing things almost since he was born. The ability to turn a wrench and make mechanical magic came most naturally to him. As a boy the only other thing that he loved almost as much as mechanics was the awesomeness of nature. Luckily for him, he was raised in Utah and had plenty of opportunities for adventures.

As a teen, he participated whole heartedly in Boy Scouts, easily earning outdoor and camping merit badges and ultimately became a decorated Eagle Scout. It was during his early teen years that he discovered yet another love, tied to both his love for mechanics and the thrill of wild places. He discovered biking!

He had always had a “bike”, but one day he found a lost GT mountain bike looking for a new home and someone to give it lots of love and attention. That GT opened his eyes to the fact that bikes are more than kids toys and that when they are well maintained, they can take their riders to places hardly imaginable.

In the years since that time, Crys has had lots of adventures in places like St. George, Moab and closer to home in the canyons surrounding his Spanish Fork home. One of his greatest biking adventures came when he summited Strawberry Peak on a summer bikepacking trip.

As Crys’ love of biking has grown, his desire to combine his career with his hobbies has intensified. That hope turned to a dream come true when he found the Provo Bicycle Collective.