Donate Bikes and Equipment

Let us find a new home for your old bike!

The Bicycle Collective needs your old bike. Each year we refurbish thousands of bikes of all styles, sizes, purposes and conditions. Some are sold to fund our charitable programs; most are donated to adults and children in need. If you’ve got an old clunker sitting in your garage (or you just upgraded and have no more use for that five-year-old beauty) we’ll take it! Even if it is damaged beyond repair (back over it in the driveway?) we'll pull off the useable parts and ensure the rest is recycled responsibly. Best of all, your donation is 100% tax deductible. Bikes can be dropped off at our locations any time during open shop hours. If you can’t make it down during those hours, give us a call! We’ll work it out with you. If you’re looking for an Eagle Scout or other volunteer project, help us out with a bike drive!

Clean out that garage!

  • Donate your car, truck, motorcycle or boat.
  • We cut old t-shirts and towels into smaller pieces and use them as shop rags. So if you (or someone you love) has an old t-shirt that absolutely needs to go, give it a final wash and bring it down to the your local shop.
  • Miscellaneous bike parts and equipment.

What don't you take?

We accept a lot, but there are some things we can't take:

  • Helmets that are damaged or more than five years old
  • Chemicals, with the exception of unopened bike-specific lubes, cleaners, etc.
  • Tires that are beyond their useable life