OBC is Hiring a Volunteer Coordinator

30 January 2019 Published in Ogden News

You may still see Lilly around the shop, but she has resigned her position as Volunteer Coordinator to pursue grad school, so we're looking to fill her position.

These are some big shoes to fill, but if you've got a passion for bikes, our mission, and connecting with people, this is the job for you!

The Ogden Bicycle Collective relies heavily on volunteers to ensure the functionality of its community programs and the shop.  Volunteers are involved in helping maintain the shop (cleanliness, safety, etc.), helping to fix bikes for our Goodwill Bike Program and Kid’s Bike Giveaways, staffing events, and more.  It is the Volunteer Coordinator’s job to actively engage the community and potential volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator is passionate about OBC’s mission and programs, and innovative and flexible, using a multitude of methods and tools to recruit and retain volunteers.  The Volunteer Coordinator should also have excellent communication and teaching skills, as well as be able to demonstrate competence as a bicycle mechanic in order to train volunteers in the shop.

Click on the attached link to find out more details and how to apply.