OBC is Hiring a Mechanic

11 September 2019 Published in Ogden News

The Ogden Bicycle Collective is looking for a Mechanic. 

This is a part- to full-time position, depending on the applicant’s needs and preferences. 

Mechanics at the Ogden Bicycle Collective are responsible for assessing and repairing bikes to be sold, or donated through our charitable programs. The ideal candidate would have a broad understanding of bicycle repair, and would be able and willing to work on a wide variety of bikes (e.g., 70’s road bikes, 90’s mountain bikes, new high-end bikes, and department store bikes). They would also possess a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and be highly motivated to help the Bicycle Collective achieve its mission.

To apply: Submit a cover letter and resume to with the subject heading “Bicycle Mechanic application”. The position is open until filled.