Santa's Little Helpers - Home Mechanic Volunteer Project

04 November 2020 Published in Ogden News

Volunteer Opportunity: Santa’s Little Helper

Help us to give the gift of a bicycle for Christmas!

Santa’s Little Helpers will repair bicycles at home in preparation for our Christmas Giveaway. Learn and use your bicycle mechanics skills and knowledge to turn abandoned bicycles into safe, functional rides. All you’ll need is a can-do attitude and a few basic tools, and we’ll provide the resources for your success.


Primary responsibilities:

  • Repair two (or more!) kids bicycles at home.
  • Follow the repair checklist.
  • Use the resources provided in order to correctly complete all checklist items.
  • Communicate your intended pick up and drop off times, and notify staff of any changes.
  • Notify staff at pickup if you need grease and lube to be provided, and bring a container to take it home in).
  • Seek assistance from OBC employees if it is not covered in the resources provided.
  • Record time spent picking up, dropping off, and working on the bikes. 

Length of Appointment: First pickup 11th November - Last drop off 11th December. 

Time commitment: If you already have basic bike mechanic knowledge, allow for an hour per bike. 



  • Desire to learn bike mechanics
  • Access to basic tools
  • Friendly, honest, and trustworthy
  • Strong support for the mission of the Bicycle Collective


  • Learn and use skills in bike mechanics. 
  • Give the gift of a bicycle for Christmas.
  • If you complete two kids bicycles, you will receive an OBC apron and a custom Santa’s Little Helper pin badge. 

Tools Needed:

  • Adjustable crescent wrench
  • Philips and flathead screwdrivers
  • Tire lever
  • Rags

You will also need:

  • Patch kit (provided)
  • Grease (bring a container when you pick up the bicycles if you need this)
  • Chain lube (bring a container when you pick up the bicycles if you need this)
  • Degreaser/dish soap

Santa's Little Repair Resources:

Stuck on a repair or not sure what to do? We've created a video playlist on youtube that will cover each task on your kids bike repair checklist.

Want to learn about the process or ask our mechanic questions? Tune in to our weekly Facebook: Live Mechanics 101 Classes held every Thursday at 5 PM on our Facebook Page.