April 15, 2019

Abby - Bike Shop Dog

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Abby is currently interviewing to become the Bicycle Collective mascot as a vocal and enthusiastic supporter. She loves meeting all of the volunteers and youth that come into the shop. Sometimes she takes quick dog naps while her human interacts with others. While she loves being in the shop, she prefers to be on the trails hiking or biking with her human. Abby does love treats and ear scratches.

SLC Bike Prom 2019, is happening!! Tickets are now on sale! We're riding and dancing on Saturday, June 8th. This is an event for all folks of all ages.

Bike Prom is SLC Bicycle Collective's annual fundraising event. Don your fanciest prom duds, grab a date (or group or come solo!) and join a thousand friendly riders on a slow ride around SLC streets. The ride starts at Fairmont Park (1040 E. Sugarmont Dr.) and will end at the Tracy Aviary (589 E. 1300 S.) where we'll dance the night away!

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Is this a family friendly event?

Yes! Bring the kids so they can enjoy the ride and the party at Tracy Aviary. Be advised, if kids are to ride their own bikes they will need to be able to keep pace with the group and police escort. The party tickets are priced per individual. We will have a subsidized ticket for kids under 16 years of age; the year they decide to commute the fun way or the other way.

Does it cost to participate in the group ride?

No, but donations are always appreciated! The party at Tracy Aviary is what the tickets are for if you choose to join us beyond the ride, which you should. The party is always a blast!

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No minimum age to attend; we encourage youth under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult. You must bring a valid ID if you plan to purchase alcohol to be consumed at the event at Tracy Aviary.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

We encourage bicycles for the ride from Fairmont Park to Tracy Aviary, but other modes of human-powered transportation are acceptable. There will be a bicycle valet for those staying for the ticketed event. If you must drive to Tracy Aviary to join us for the party, you can park in any available parking spots at Liberty Park.

If you are coming from the Sugarhouse area and require a vehicle to get you here, there is plenty of parking for you to leave your car at Fairmont Park. You will just have to ride back there at the end of the group ride or party to get your vehicle; no overnight parking at either park.

What can I bring into the event?

No outside food or drinks allowed. Both will be available for purchase once inside.

What should I wear?

It's called Bike Prom, so dig out your old dresses and suits or maybe that bridesmaid dress that was worn that one time - shorts, suspenders, and a bowtie; Sure! Some go retro and come in light blue frilly tuxedos or in flapper dresses and zuit suits. Visit your favorite secondhand store and you'll probably find what you're looking for! Your outfit, your call, just make it fun and enjoy the people watching!

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Annual Reports

19 20 Annual Report Screenshot

While 2020 has been a challenging year for many organizations, particularly in the non-profit sector, the Bicycle Collective has seen it as a year of growth. Through creativity and hard work from our committed staff and volunteers, we have emerged not only intact, but have had a greater impact in the communities we serve. We are pleased to share these insights in our recently published 2019-2020 Bicycle Collective Annual Report.

pdfView our 2019-2020 Annual Report

If you’ve noticed any new artistic things swimming around the Collective, Kirsten may have been the creator! She not only fixes up bikes, but she also designs the posters, social media advertisements, and more for Provo Bicycle Collective! She learned her design skills as an undergrad at BYU, and she hopes to eventually teach at the high school level. Kirsten’s passion for bikes first started when she tried mountain biking. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the sport, and biking became a staple in Kirsten’s active lifestyle. She keeps herself busy with a variety of hobbies including art, accordion playing, street hockey, backpacking, skiing, and anything else fun that happens to be going on. Keep your eyes out, who know’s what she’ll be up to next!

If you were out looking for Lars, he’d be a hard one to pin down. You could find him at the skatepark, in the mountains, on a farm, or playing saxophone at his house. His love of bikes first started when he and his dad would go mountain biking together. From there, he wanted to learn how to fix bikes, so he bought an old beater at the DI and took the whole thing apart to learn about each part. Lars is big into bike touring and bikepacking and has sewn his own bags! Say “hi” to Lars next time you stop by the Collective! 

May 28, 2021

Thane - Mechanic

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If there’s an issue with a bike, Thane will surely find it. The bikes that come off his rack are practically perfect, and he doesn’t let any problem slide by. Thane has a wild past full of fixing cars and riding motorcycles, and he has since upgraded to being a bike mechanic. You may not realize when you see him working at his bench, but Thane is legally blind, and he works by feel rather than by sight. Thane loves getting out of the city to enjoy the mountains, to hike or picnic. On those rainy days, he enjoys non-fiction books or movies in his place in Provo. We are so lucky to have Thane here at the Collective! 

May 28, 2021

Connor Biser- Mechanic

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Connor is the senior employee at Provo Bicycle Collective, and he is also the youngest! He has been working here since he was 14, and started volunteering here even before that. Connor just graduated high school and will be starting at BYU this fall. Being a long time bicycle enthusiast, it’s not surprising that his bike collection is always abundant. With all of his bike projects, he still finds time to pursue his second big passion which is playing the bass. He currently plays in a bluegrass band, although part of him wishes it was a jazz band. To remember the biggest things that make up Connor, just think of the two B’s: Bicycles and Bass. 

Whenever there’s a question in the shop that nobody can answer, we always go to Sam. His knowledge of bikes is extensive, and he’s always solving all sorts of bicycle problems that people bring into the shop. His current bike count is around 20, although that fluctuates depending on how many of his friends catch the “bike bug” and take one for themselves. Him and his wife have been Provo residents for a few years now, and they have loved being near the mountains. Sam’s passion in film photography has helped him capture the great scenery that surrounds us. If you bring in your bike to the Collective to be fixed, you’ll most likely get to meet Sam!

May 28, 2021

Otis - Shop Dog

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I’m Otis. I’m a good boy and am the cutest puppy on the planet, according to my human. I love all people, especially the ones that throw my ball or play tug. I also love all dogs, but cats freak me out; I’ve had a few try to scratch me when all I wanted to do was sniff them. My favorite activities are hiking, swimming, playing fetch, carrying the ball in my mouth, playing tug, sniffing things, and snuggling.

April 29, 2021

Provo Bike Month

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May is Bike Month! To celebrate, Provo Bicycle Collective has joined forces with Provo City and BikeWalk Provo. For more info, visit provo.org/bikemonth


About Us

Recycle Bikes
Our model is designed to increase affordable access and education and our audience is everyone. Our community bike shops in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, and St. George are staffed with professional mechanic instructors who are there to walk you through tune-ups or repairs with the idea that you’ll be a more regular and confident rider after learning how to patch the tube or adjust the brakes yourself. We carry a large selection of used bicycles that are overhauled by our mechanics and given a multi-point inspection so they’re ready to ride out the door. We also carry used and new parts and accessories to get your bike dialed in perfectly to fit your riding style and personal tastes.

Access for All
But there’s so much more to the Collective. The revenue from our community bike shops provides the bulk of funding for our numerous programs that are aimed to serve underprivileged communities and children. Your purchase may help fund a much needed bike for a refugee, veteran, or recently released prisoner in transition. Or it may help pay for five bikes for kids in need. It may pay an in-house youth mechanic certification instructor salary, placing youth in jobs as bike mechanics in the area, or the salary of our instructors who teach the same course at juvenile detention centers. It’s a positive feedback loop in which the more people we help in our shops, the more people we can help outside of our shops. We see it as a win for everyone.

Build Community
We believe to our cores that the bicycle is an important machine that is rightly becoming staple of urban communities. To patrons of our programs, it may even be a critical tool for employment and self-sufficiency. We invite you to become part of the effort! Find out more about the services we offer under each shop's programs page, join as a member, volunteer with us, donate money, donate your old bicycle, or simply come in and take advantage of the community bike shop services or hang out with us at an event. Little compares to the simple joy of riding a bicycle.

Open Shop

Open-Shop has returned! As of Wednesday, July 7th, we are now operating our (DIY) Open-Shop program by appointment. 


Our bike shop is different compared to other shops in the area. At the Bicycle Collective we’re about education above all so we put the wrench in your hand. We won't do the work for you, but we'll help you to complete almost any bike-related project; there’s absolutely no experience needed! Whether you’re an old hand at the wrench or laying hands on a drivetrain for the first time, we can help you out, as hands-on or hands-off as you want.

Use of the shop is $5 per half-hour, or free to members.

David just returned to work at Provo Bicycle Collective after being away for a bit, because he has so much fun being an employee here! Not only can he fix a bike, but he is our go-to computer guy. He’s just finishing up a degree at BYU in computer engineering. And rumor has it, he’s also quite the bowler. David and his wife are proud parents of a little boy named Russell, who get’s all the attention every time he visits the shop. We’re elated to have David!