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Open Shop 12-8


Open Shop 12-8

Free Mechanic Class at 6pm


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Open Shop 12-7



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Bike Valet

Make Biking to Your Event Easy!

Let the Ogden Bike Collective provide free bike parking to your guests at your event! Each year the OBC partners with organizations to offer bike parking to riders at the events like Ogden Twilight Concert Series, OFOAM music festival, and more! Don’t pollute, bike commute!

For pricing and availability, contact

Get Involved:

To volunteer with our Bike Valet team, check out our Volunteer Local page to sign up for an event!  Volunteering at Bike Valet comes with a host of benefits, which can include free Bicycle Collective monthly membership, free entry to the events we attend, and more!  Contact for questions on volunteering.

Our Shops

We have strange hours. Luckily they don't change often.

The Bicycle Collective is much more than a place to buy an used bike or repair your bike. While we have designated hours for personal bike repair and bike sales, we also have seperate hours for volunteering and community service, Earn-a-Bike, or working on bikes for giveaway.

If you're hoping to work on your bike or purchase a bike, please come during Open Shop hours. If you are hoping to volunteer, please talk with your local location to see how you can best serve them. If you want to just look around the shop, go ahead, come anytime.

Visit our shop-specific pages to learn about shop hours and programs at your location.

Will Deutschman is a professor of chemistry at Westminster college in Salt Lake City, UT. While his primary love is being in the classroom, mentoring students, when not there he does research in the areas of biochemistry and brewing science. Outside of work, Will is passionate about bicycle transit issues, outdoor recreation, wilderness, and every activity you can imagine that involves non-motorized wheeled transit. He is a daily bike commuter, sometime bike tourer, frequent mountain biker and slightly crazy unicyclist. At Westminster College, he is the faculty liason for the bicycle collective and mentor for the campus beehive.

Lilly joins the Ogden Bike Collective this fall as its new Volunteer Coordinator. Her involvement with the OBC began a year ago, when she stumbled upon the OBC’s free community mechanic classes. Having managed climbing gyms for the last three years, she is jazzed to be focusing on instruction and community building.

Lilly began bike commuting in Seattle, where public transportation and biking are a cheaper and more efficient way to get around the city than driving. Through her experiences and travels in Denmark and Indiana, she awoke to the importance of bike-supportive infrastructure and education to promote bicycling as an effective means of transportation.

She continues to enjoy bike commuting in as many types of challenging weather as possible, and has started mountain biking. Other bike-related topics she’s interested in are bike touring, street fashion, upcycling, and eco-friendly outdoor gear.

The Ogden Bike Collective is happy to announce its first installment of the Bicycle Mechanic Apprenticeship Program (Bike MAP) of 2017! The Bike MAP program is designed for anyone who desires to land a job as a bicycle mechanic or anyone wanting to pursue advanced bike repair skills for any other reason.  Starting now will put anyone in a prime position to gain employment as bike shops start hiring again for the busy season.

The OBC's Bike MAP program has already landed 6 graduates in mechanic jobs at bike shops. Apprentices have the opportunity to train with professional bike mechanics to develop the skills they need to land positions in Ogden's burgeoning bicycle industry. Under the supervision of professional staff, apprentices will apply themselves to 8 weeks of intensive study, following a customized curriculum based on the Park Tool School courses. Over the course of the apprenticeship, participants will also have the opportunity for hands-on learning while shadowing mechanics during open shop hours at the Collective.  Apprentices should be willing to commit to 5-10 hours per week for this course.

To find out more about the apprenticeship program and whether you'd be a good fit, come by the shop during open hours (Tue-Wed 12-7, Thur 12-8, and Fri-Sat 12-6), call 801-997-0336, or email Danielle at . If you'd like to apply for a slot in the program, print out the attached application and bring it to the shop by January 21st.

Download attachments: OBC_Apprenticeship_Application_2.pdf


It's been a historic year at Provo Bicycle Collective. With our move, building beautification, and addition of new staff, we've focused our volunteers' efforts on refurbishing giveaway bikes.  With the help of dozens of volunteers, we refurbished 101 kids bikes for giveaway this month. This beats our previous record of 50 last Christmas. We're confident that these bicycles were placed with the right children who would otherwise not have received a bike this Christmas. It's our hope that these bikes will encourage them to get outside and lay a groundwork for a self-sufficient life. Thank you to Provo School District's Social Workers, Utah County 4-H, Centro Hipsano, and bishops of the LDS Church for helping us place these bicycles. We are looking forward to serving and giving even more in 2017.

If you have need for kids bikes in the near or distant future, please email to request some. We'll be needing to find kids to receive these for years to come.

In his "Ten Exciting Things that Happened in Provo in 2016" list, Mayor Curtis featured Provo Bicycle Collective's recent move.  "We were so happy this year for our awesome Bike Collective to finally get their own home in the Joaquin neighborhood. As Provo becomes more and more bike friendly, we hope our Bike Collective continues to see robust community support for years to come."  PBC staff is thankful for the mayor's continued support in making Provo a bicycle-friendly city.  We are grateful to have him in office until late 2017.

November 09, 2016

Eagle Scout Projects

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The Bicycle Collective considers a bike drive that is worthy of an Eagle Scout project to be between 50 and 150 bikes, which, depending on where you live, will be quite a task to gather!

Sometimes scouts are able to reach that number by flyering their community, but it also helps to throw an event and ask people in the community to donate bikes at that time.   

If tax deductible receipts are needed, the scout must arrange a time to pick them up, and is accountable for returning any receipts that are not given out.  (for example, if a scout takes 100 receipts and gathers 80 bikes, they must return 20 receipts to Bicycle Collective.)

If the scouts want to help fix the bikes, they must arrange a time with the Volunteer Coordinator outside of regular shop hours to work on fixing flats and other minor repairs on kids bikes.  Groups fixing bikes are limited to 5 scouts.  The Bicycle Collective is not always able to accommodate scouts fixing bikes, and it is suggested that the scout group clean the bikes before dropping them off instead of trying to fix them, as it takes specific tools and expertise to repair them.

The scout will need to make an appointment to come into the shop and get a signature after they have planned out the drive, route, materials, etc., but before they begin pick up.

Scouts must schedule a time to drop off the Bikes with a Director, Operations Manager, or Volunteer Coordinator.

Scouts are allowed and encouraged to propose any project that they like, if they want to help the Bicycle Collective in some way other than a bike drive, however, it is subject to approval by the Bicycle Collective and must be a project that is innovative, well planned, and will have a direct and measurable community impact.   

Eagle Scout Projects must be organized and led by the scout.  Appointments and arrangements may not be made by parents, scout leaders, or other interested parties.




November 09, 2016

Donate Bikes and Equipment

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Let us find a new home for your old bike!

Bicycle Collective needs your old bike. Each year we refurbish thousands of bikes of all types. Some are sold to fund our charitable programs; some are donated to adults and children in need. If you’ve got an old clunker sitting in your garage (or you just upgraded and have no more use for that five-year-old beauty) we’ll take it! Even if it is damaged beyond repair (back over it in the driveway?) we'll pull off the useable parts and ensure the rest is recycled responsibly. Best of all, your donation is 100% tax deductible. You can drop off bikes at our locations any time during open shop hours. If you can’t make it down during those hours, give us a call! We’ll work it out with you. If you’re looking for an Eagle Scout or other volunteer project, help us out with a bike drive!

Clean out your garage today!

What do you need?

  • Unwanted bikes
  • Bikes parts and equipment
  • Old shirts, towels, and bedsheets. We cut them into smaller pieces and use them as shop rags. 
  • Cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats.

What don't you take?

We accept most any bike-related item, but there are some things we won't take:

  • Helmets that are damaged or more than five years old
  • Chemicals, with the exception of unopened bike-specific lubes, cleaners, etc.
  • Tires that are beyond their useable life

Can I trade in my bike for a new one at a Bicycle Collective shop?

No, Bicycle Collective will not offer cash or equipment incentives for donating a bike. However, you will get a charitable deduction on your taxes and a whole lot of good feelings.