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November 09, 2016


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Why Volunteer?

  • Learn new skills.  No experience fixing bikes?  That's fine!  Volunteers learn bicycle mechanics through hands-on experience and guidance from professional bicycle mechanics.  You'll be turning abandoned bikes into functional transportation.  All tools and bicycles are provided by our shops, but you're always welcome to donate more!
  • Feel good knowing that your service will benefit someone locally.  Volunteers help fix the bikes we give to underprivileged adults with a strong need for reliable transportation but who are financially unable to afford the purchase price of a bike, such as refugees, people experiencing homelessness, recently incarcerated people, and more. Volunteers also help repair the hundreds of kid's bikes we give away each year, help pull usable parts off unsalvageable bikes, help with our charitable programming, and more. 
  • Enjoy an atmosphere of collaboration and learning.  Many volunteers form friendships as they work side-by-side to refurbish bikes for those in need.  Experienced volunteers often help beginner volunteers learn the tricks of the trade.  

For Volunteering at the Provo shop:

All first-time volunteers must attend a volunteer orientation at 6:30pm any Tuesday or Thursday.  Volunteer nights are held 7pm-10pm Tuesdays and Thursdays and are open to all ages.  Volunteering during other hours is reserved only for experienced volunteers who receive permission.  Groups larger than 6 must notify the volunteer coordinator at least 24 hours before orientation for attendance approval. 

PBC also hosts volunteer hours set aside for women and other groups traditionally marginalized by the bike industry.  Learn more here.

For many people, donating money is more effective than volunteering because a workbench could be more efficiently used by a skilled volunteer.  Money allows us to purchase items like tubes and chains we need for the Goodwill Bikes we give away.  Our supplier does not accept payment in volunteer hours and best wishes.  Every dollar you donate is matched almost 9 to 1 since we make about 90% of our income from bike shop and program service revenue.  Text BICYCLECOLLECTIVE to 844-544-7171 or click here to donate today.

Do you have a professional skill you want to use to improve the Bicycle Collective?  Looking for an internship?  Tell us your ideas!  Please direct all questions regarding volunteering to .

For Volunteering at the Ogden Shop:

Thursday Volunteer Day

Every Thursday from 12:00 PM until close the shop is reserved for volunteer projects ranging anywhere from helping to clean and organize, to sorting parts and working on bikes.  Stop in anytime on Thursday to volunteer!
Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Lilly, at if you have a group of over 4 who would like to volunteer.

Bike Mechanic Volunteer Training:

Every Thursday night at 6:00 PM we offer a FREE Basic Bike Mechanic 101 class to people of all ages.  The class is designed to teach individuals how to volunteer to help us work on bikes in the shop.  You will learn how to process tear-apart bikes (bikes we can't fix, but we can recycle parts from), repair kids bikes for giveaways, and refurbish goodwill bikes for people in the community who need transportation.  There's also the added benefit of gaining skills to work on your own bike here at the shop, or at home!

Volunteer Mechanics:

Have you already been wrenching for a while and want to use your skills for good?  We are always looking for volunteers to help us fix up bikes to be given away to kids and adults in the community.  Stop in or contact Lilly at for more information.

Shop Greeter:

Are you a social person interested in serving people from all walks of life?  You may enjoy volunteering with the Collective as a Shop Greeter!
Join our team of dedicated volunteers and staff to help run our Community Bike Shop in Ogden. The shop provides a place for the community to do DIY bicycle repair, learn bicycle maintenance, volunteer, purchase refurbished bicycles and bike parts, and connect with bicycling enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes.
Shop Greeter responsibilities include welcoming, finding out what each person needs, and re-directing them to the right place (which we will train you on). That's it. Nothing crazy. You don't even have to be mechanical--we have a shop manager and mechanics to handle all of that. Other tasks may include sales transactions and basic shop keeping.  Contact Lilly at for more information on shifts and scheduling.

Bike Valet:

You may have seen us parking bikes at events like Ogden Twilight, Farmer's Market and more.  We can't do it without the help of great volunteers.  If you're interested in helping promote cycling by providing a safe and secure place for people to park during events, and in getting into these events for free, contact Lilly at to find out where and when we'll be setting up free bike parking.

General and Special Events:

We accept volunteer help with things like cleaning and organizing during all of our open hours at the shop.  Stop in if you're interested in getting involved or contact Lilly at to find out what special projects you can get involved in.  You can also follow us on JustServeVolunteer Match, or Facebook to get up-to-date information on current events and volunteer projects.

For Volunteering at the SLC Shop:

Shop Volunteering

No experience with bikes necessary to volunteer! Our staff will teach you all the things you need to know about bikes to assist us in the cause. However, a skilled mechanic is always appreciated in our shop!

Volunteers can help with various tasks like refurbishing kids bikes for youth programming and refurbishing adult bikes which are then provided to our communities in need. Volunteers can also assist in maintaining the shop's inventory and appearance. Volunteering with the SLC Bicycle Collective is a great way to gain invaluable experience within the community. 

Weekly Volunteer Times: 
Mondays, 5:30 - 9:00 PM 
Fridays, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Come in during either of those times and we'll assist you in the onboarding process as a volunteer.

Bike Valet Volunteer

Bike Valet is provided by the Bicycle Collective at many of the events in Salt Lake City throughout the spring, summer, and early fall that demand safe, theft-­free bicycle parking service! Help patrons by securely parking their pedal ­powered steeds at our handy dandy pop­up rack/based parking systems. Available to anyone 18 and older. Contact  for more information.

If you consider yourself as someone who is experienced with bike mechanics, want to learn to skills, and/or feel you can offer the SLC Bicycle Collective additional types of volunteer support, contact us at  and let us knoow how you can best serve our organization.

Do-It-Yourself (or Do-It-With-Help!)

Get access to the tools and help you need to fix your bike!

Our bike shops is different compared to other shops in the area. At the Bicycle Collective we’re about education above all so we put the wrench in your hand. We won't do the work for you, but we'll help you to complete almost any bike-related project; there’s absolutely no experience needed! Whether you’re an old hand at the wrench or laying hands on a drivetrain for the first time, we can help you out, as hands-on or hands-off as you want.

Use of the shop is $5 per hour, or free to members.


Buy a Bike

Find your perfect ride!

We carry a large and rotating selection of fully refurbished used bikes of all kinds, as well as a smaller selection of unrepaired bikes that are too cool to part out but would take too much labor to refurbish.

Our favorite bikes are our custom commuter conversions. A rigid steel frame bike that's been given a comprehensive tune by one of our professional mechanics, and outfitted with brand new tires, rack, and fenders? That's a $275 purchase that will pay for itself twice over this year, just in what you're not spending at the pump. Of course, we also have the $100 bare-bones specials (if they stay on the sale rack for more than an hour -- those things go fast!), full-carbon road bikes so light a newborn could put one on your roof rack, last year’s full suspension cross country machine, a rootbeer-brown Schwinn Varsity that is exactly like the one you had as a teenager, single-speed beach cruisers that are perfect for riding around the neighborhood, and much, much more.

Because everything we carry is donated to us, we never really know what’s going to be on the shelf from week to week, except that it will be awesome and a much better deal than buying new. 

Need another reason to buy your new ride here? How about the fact that these bike sales are the primary source of funding for our community-transforming charitable programs! Yup, you can buy your bike here and leave knowing that your purchase is a good value for your money; confident that the bike will last, since it's been fully refurbished by a professional mechanic and double-checked by another; and feeling good since your purchase will enable us to continue providing free bikes, educational programming, job training, and more to thousands of youth and adults in need right here in the Salt Lake Valley.

Bicycle Mechanic Class

Learn to be a bike mechanic!

Interested in improving your wrenching skills or starting from scratch? The Salt Lake City location offers FREE classes each week taught by our skilled mechanics. No sign-up or registration necessary!

You can attend any class in any order. The classes below are a part of our winter class series and will start at 7 PM. Class topic and schedule can be found below: 

December 5 - Bicycle Terminology & Nomenclature

December 12 - Rear Derailleur

December 19 - Chain Gang

December 26 - No Class (Holiday)

January 2 - Bicycle Maintenance & Flat Fix

January 9 - Hit the Brakes! 

January 16 - Front Derailleur

January 23 - Bike Fit & Suspension Dynamics 

January 30 - In Wheel Time (Wheel Basics)

No need to bring your bike to the class. We will use our bikes and parts in-house as examples. 

Email  if you have questions. 


Make biking to your event easy!

The Bicycle Collective wants to park your bike for you while you have fun at events around the city! Each year the SLCBC parks THOUSANDS of bicycles for concert goers at the Twilight Concert Series, foodies at the Farmer’s Market, art lovers at the Utah Arts Fest and so much more. And best of all, our valet services are free of charge to riders (although we do appreciate donations!) Click here [link needed] for a list of scheduled valet events around town. And if you know of an event that could use our services, get in touch with Olyvia (email: ) to find out if our services can meet your needs.


Junior Bicycle Mechanic Certification

Are you curious about what it’s like to work in a bike shop? Want to impress your teammates on your mountain bike league by being able to repair anything on the fly? Or even just want to learn everything there is to know about how to work on your own bike? Sign up for our Jr. Mechanic Certification! This 8-week course is designed to teach 14-17 year old aspiring mechanics the skills needed to become an ace wrencher and prepare you to get a job in a shop. This is a free course!

Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective will begin enrolling for the next Jr. Mechanic Certification session in January 2018.

Youth Open Shop

Youth Open Shop is a place where youth between the ages of 8-17 can come in and utilize the shop with the help of a youth specialist, mechanics, and volunteers.

During youth open shop youth may work on their own bikes, volunteer to earn a free bicycle or bike parts, learn bicycle mechanics, safety, teamwork, and help other youth with their bikes.

Youth Open Shop is free and does not require pre-registration, however, benches are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Youth Open Shop is help on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30pm-5:30pm and Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm.

Mountain Bike Camps


Every summer campers will have the chance to explore our many local bike trails while learning bike handling skills, safety, and basic bike mechanics. Bikers may bring their own bikes or use one of ours. Helmets will also be provided. Campers will need to supply their own snacks and wear closed toe footwear. 

Camp sessions start in May and run through August. There are three week-long sessions each summer. Campers will meet each day at the SLCBC and we will shuttle kids and bikes to various trailheads in and around Salt Lake. Up to 8 riders can sign up per session. 

Best of all, the cost is FREE!

Direct any questions you have about Youth Programs to

Come to the Salt Lake Shop!

When can I buy a bike or parts?

  • Tuesday, Thursday: 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: Noon - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Noon - 5:00 pm

When can I work on my own bike?

Do you have special time for women to work in the shop?

  • Wednesdays: 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

When can I volunteer?

When can I drop off a bike?