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Microshift, ADVENT Rear Derailleur, 9 Speed, Medium cage, Clutched, NEW

ADVENT 9 Speed, Rear Derailleur:

Unleash your mountain biking potential with the ADVENT Rear Derailleur, the ultimate companion for riders seeking reliability and durability in the face of real mountain bike abuse. Crafted to withstand the harshest terrains, this rear derailleur is designed to redefine your riding experience, providing you with the confidence and control you need on every trail.

Key Features:
1. Proprietary Ratchet-and-Pawl Tension Assembly: The ADVENT Rear Derailleur features a proprietary clutch system using a ratchet-and-pawl tension assembly, ensuring precise chain control and minimizing chain slap for a smoother, quieter ride.

2. Built to Handle Mountain Bike Abuse: Engineered with rugged construction, this rear derailleur is capable of handling the most demanding mountain bike abuse, providing consistent performance in the toughest conditions.

3. 9-Speed, NEW: Specifically designed for 9-speed setups, this rear derailleur ensures optimal gear shifting precision, giving you the perfect balance of speed and control.

4. Max Sprocket 46T: With a maximum sprocket capacity of 46T, this rear derailleur enables you to conquer steep climbs and power through challenging descents effortlessly.

5. Chain Capacity 41T: The ADVENT Rear Derailleur offers a chain capacity of 41T, accommodating a wide range of gear ratios for versatile riding performance.

6. Cage Length, Medium: Equipped with a medium cage length, this rear derailleur allows for smooth and precise gear transitions while maintaining chain tension across various gears.

7. Compatibility, Advent ONLY: Exclusively compatible with the ADVENT drivetrain system, this rear derailleur ensures seamless integration with other ADVENT components, providing you with a tailored and optimized riding experience.

Upgrade your ride with the ADVENT Rear Derailleur - where reliability, durability, and performance converge. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your mountain biking adventure. Order the ADVENT Rear Derailleur now and unlock the full potential of your riding experience on every trail.




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