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Microshift, ADVENT Xpress Trigger Shifter, Black, 9 Speed, NEW

Microshift Advent Xpress Trigger Shifter SL-M8195-R:

Enhance your cycling experience with the Microshift Advent Xpress Trigger Shifter SL-M8195-R, the perfect choice for riders seeking ergonomic design, precise indexing, and reliable performance. Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence, this shifter is designed to revolutionize your Advent riding adventure, providing you with the confidence and control you need on every trail.

Key Features:
1. Ergonomic Levers: The Advent Xpress Trigger Shifter boasts ergonomic levers, offering a comfortable grip and intuitive shifting action. Experience fatigue-free riding with enhanced control and responsiveness.

2. Precise Durable Indexing: Engineered with precise and durable indexing, this shifter ensures smooth and accurate gear changes, allowing you to conquer challenging terrains with ease.

3. Reliable Performance: The Advent Xpress Trigger Shifter is built to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, ensuring reliable and consistent performance on every adventurous trail.

4. 9 Speed: Specifically designed for 9-speed setups, this shifter provides the ideal gear range for Advent riders seeking optimal performance and versatility.

5. Not Shimano Compatible: The Advent Xpress Trigger Shifter is not Shimano compatible, offering an exclusive fit for Advent components only. Perfectly tailored for your Advent setup.

Upgrade your ride with the Microshift Advent Xpress Trigger Shifter SL-M8195-R - where ergonomic design, durability, and control unite. Upgrade your Advent experience today and embrace the thrill of conquering trails with unwavering confidence!


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