Mechanics 101 Course


Interested in learning more in-depth about bicycle mechanics? Mechanics 101 is designed to educate you on the inner workings of the bicycle and help you gain the skills to fix your own bicycle or even build the bike of your dreams!

Operations Manager and former Head Mechanic Jordan Bartholomew teaches this course each Wednesday at 7:30pm and the topic changes every week. If you miss a class you’ll have a chance to take it again starting in January. You must be a current Bicycle Collective Member to participate in this class. No registration is necessary, just show up! Please direct all questions to .

This course will be of interest to you if:
- You want to maintain your own bike
- You want to customize or build your own bike
- You want to be a more skilled volunteer
- You want to work in the bike industry

8/28th: Skills for everyday riding
9/4: Rolling Smoothly Pt. 1 Tubes & Tires
9/11: Rolling Smoothly Pt. 2 Hubs
9/18: Rolling Smoothly Pt. 3 The Truth about Wheels
9/25: Cables and Housing (short class)
10/2: Slow your roll: Brakes
10/9: Changing Gears: Shifting Smoothly
10/16: Chain Gang: Chain health and diagnostics
10/23: The Bottom Bracket
10/30 (No Class, Halloween Eve)
11/6:The Headset