Women's Volunteer Night and Ride

Bike mechanics has traditionally been a male-dominated trade. Let's change that!

Women’s Volunteer Nights offer a safe and supportive environment for females (and those who identify) to volunteer in the shop and learn about bicycle mechanics. Join us anytime between 4 and 7pm whether you have experience with bicycles or not.

The work volunteers do will help further the Bicycle Collective’s goals of creating a cleaner, healthier environment, and providing bicycles for children and and those who couldn’t otherwise afford one. Provo Bicycle Collective gave away 408 bikes in 2017 and with your help, we will give away many more in the years to come!

Current volunteer hours for this program are Mondays from 5pm to 7pm. Drop in anytime during those hours to join!


Post-Women's Night Bike Ride

Stick around after our Women's Night, or come join us after, for an evening group ride! We'll meet at the Provo Bicycle Collective at 7pm for a casual bike ride around good ol' Provo. 

This ride is for women-identifying people only.