Ikaika Cox

Shop Director

A Utah County native, I began volunteering at the Provo Bicycle Collective in 2012. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Philosophy in 2015, I moved to Boise and began working with the Boise Bicycle Project where I honed my skills as a mechanic and educator. In 2016 I returned to Provo, committed to growing the operation here. I love bicycles because I see them as a vehicle that challenges riders to push themselves and engage their community in a different way. I see the Collective growing and becoming more effective in fostering community impact and growth, and serving as a space in which community members can grow and develop themselves.

Matt Jacobs

Volunteer and Programs Manager

Matt Jacobs has been involved with the Provo Bicycle Collective since January 2016. Beginning at age 9, Matt raced BMX though the ABA in the Pacific Northwest. He earned enough points in the 2011 season to qualify for Nationals in his age bracket, coming in 3rd. Matt also loves road riding and mountain biking. His favorite place to ride is the rolling hills of his home state of Tennessee. Pictured here is a 1993 Bridgestone MB-5, which was initially refurbished by youth at the Slate Canyon Youth Detention Center. He's also been trying his hand at fabricating bicycle components, most notably, brake boosters and light mounts. Matt looks forward to working with you on your dream ride at the Provo Bicycle Collective!

Kira Johnson

Communications Manager and Youth/Women's Programs Coordinator

Kira is in her final semester of studying Urban Planning at BYU. She is particularly passionate about the active transportation elements in a city, and is actively involed in helping Provo becoming more people-friendly. Kira's ideal day would involve waking up early; having plenty of moments to stare at the mountains in all their glory--and perhaps even be in those mountains; completing all the daily errands on her bike; receiving a handwritten letter in the mail; and having a quality moment with any of her dear, dear friends. If she's not riding her bicycle, you can find Kira roller skating around. Kira has been running our Women's Volunteer Night for over a year now and has been thrilled by the community of lady-friends it has created. She also organizes our Youth Open Shop, Junior Mechanics Certification Program at Slate Canyon Detention Center, and all things related to communications.

Jordan Bartholomew

Head Mechanic

Jordan became affiliated with Bicycle Collective volunteering with the Salt Lake Bicycle Collective for the past two years.  He got aquainted with Provo Bicycle Collective by stopping in for random parts or help and has become a friend of the shop.  Jordan's love of bikes started with racing road bikes with the University of Utah.  Now he goes on extended bicycle tours, camping on his bikes for weeks to months at a time.  He is currently a senior at the University of Utah studying political science and environmental sustainability.

Connor Biser


I go to school at Timpview high, and race on the NICA cross-country mountain biking team for my school. I’ve been working on bikes for the past couple years, and built my first racing bike myself at the collective when I was a volunteer. I love the PBC and riding bikes (and XTR stuff).

Kyle Owens

Shop Facilitator

Kyle has been working with Provo Bicycle Collective since October 2015.  He was one of the first graduates from PBC's Mechanics 101 course.  Kyle has a deep love for mountain biking and the places he is able to explore with his bike.  When the trailes are muddy you might find him cruising around on his road bike.  Kyle is currently a junior in the mechanical engineering program at BYU.  He hopes to help everyone learn about the joys of biking and the service that the PBC can be in helping them more fully appreciate their bike.

Coleman Gibbs


Hi there, my name is Coleman. I hale from many places including: Salt Lake City, Idaho, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Colorado and now here in Provo. I am a fulltime Industrial Design student at BYU and I seem to spend all of my free time doing bicycle-related things. Wether it be shredding singletrack in the mountains or ripping through the streets of Provo on my fixed gear, I always seem to find myself either riding bikes, buying, selling or fixing them. I first started volunteering at the Provo bicycle collective in January 2017 when began to feel the need to give back to the community. I learned a lot, got a job at another local bike shop and started doing bike tours. Now I work at the collective giving poor college students like me and many others, the gift of mobility. If you feel sad, come volunteer with us! We’re nice people and you will feel the good feeling that comes when you are serving those in need.

Joseph Bartholomew


Joseph the second of eleven children and excited to be the second JB (Jordan Bartholomew was the first with those initials) at the Collective! He joined the PBC team between his junior and senior years of high school. Aside from working on bikes, he enjoys fly fishing, eating, and occasionally sleeping. He is stoked to join the awesome team at the Collective and get some bikes out on the streets!

Sam Osorio

Shop Facilitator

My name is Samuel Osorio. I was born in Bogota, Colombia. When I was four I moved to Miami, Florida with my family and lived there for 18 years. Miami is crazy busy and driving sometimes the most stressful thing to do. I’ve been riding bikes my whole life; it saved me time and hassle trying to find parking. Before working at the PBC, I worked at a gym teaching kids how to rock climb. My goal is to help as many people own a bike and enjoy it. 

Jamison King


Jamison graduated from Universal Technical Institute with a degree in Automotive Technology. He has worked as a car mechanic for about 5 years but has always preferred working on bicycles. He loves riding and working on road bikes and looks forward to learning more about other types of bikes.

Zachary Christiansen


Zach is studying Manufacturing Engineering at BYU. He started working at PBC on his own bike, an old mountain bike he inherited from his uncle. He got married in June of 2018 and loves spending time with his wife Ally. They recently overhauled the old mountain bike to fit Ally, and Zach fixed up an old road bike for himself. Zach enjoys his job at the PBC.

Judith Westwood


Judith has volunteered with the bicycle collective on and off since 2016. Cycling has been important to her for much longer though. She and her dad bought her first bike (a 1980’s Schwinn) at a garage sale when she was seven. Her first experience with bike repair was that same day, as her and her dad worked together to get their $5 investment to ride. Cycling gave Judith an incredible amount of autonomy when she was growing up to explore her hometown on her own terms. She’s excited to work for an organization that does so much to offer more people that same experience. When she’s not biking, Judith can be found on BYU campus, where she’s working towards a BFA in Industrial Design.