Coleman Gibbs


Hi there, my name is Coleman. I hale from many places including: Salt Lake City, Idaho, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Colorado and now here in Provo. I am a fulltime Industrial Design student at BYU and I seem to spend all of my free time doing bicycle-related things. Wether it be shredding singletrack in the mountains or ripping through the streets of Provo on my fixed gear, I always seem to find myself either riding bikes, buying, selling or fixing them. I first started volunteering at the Provo bicycle collective in January 2017 when began to feel the need to give back to the community. I learned a lot, got a job at another local bike shop and started doing bike tours. Now I work at the collective giving poor college students like me and many others, the gift of mobility. If you feel sad, come volunteer with us! We’re nice people and you will feel the good feeling that comes when you are serving those in need.