Donna McAleer

Kevin grew up in Ohio until the snow and mountains called him to Utah shortly after high school. His love for bicycles grew when he found out how much fun exploring new places by bike is.  Using a bicycle to experience places like Iceland, Mexico, and Nepal, he learned that bikes have the power to change people’s lives and loves being able to help the Bicycle Collective provide affordable transportation to those who need it most. When not working on bikes, He’s probably riding a bike, drinking a fancy coffee, or searching out the newest hot dumpling spot in SLC.

As a Utah native, Justin has been spoiled with great access to outdoor activities including mountain biking. Fearing that a bike complication will leave him stranded many miles away in Bigfoot’s backyard, Justin decided to take a course at the Collective to give him the skills needed to prevent this. Two years later he is back and happy to share his knowledge at the shop. In his free time, he likes to go on super fun camping trips and go snowboarding.

Todd Reeder is a community developer with a passion for place making and creating opportunity in underserved neighborhoods. In his current role as Director of Real Estate Development for the Community Development Corporation of Utah, he works with community partners to provide housing solutions throughout the state. Todd joined the Bike Collective in 2018, where he will utilize his extensive background in finance, operations, project management, and development to help grow the footprint of each of the Bike Collective communities. When not riding a bike around town, Todd enjoys being in the great outdoors and listening to some wicked cool tunes.

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