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Connor will be biking on a 20" wheel bike for miles and miles to fundraise money for Provo Bicycle Collective's kids bike giveaway. Pledge a dollar amount per mile that Connor bikes. For example, $3 for every mile that he rides. With a pledge, you will receive exclusive highlights from his big ride!

This money is going towards our efforts to fix up and give away 60 kids bikes in the month of September. This money helps us purchase necessary items for fixing the bikes (tires, pedals, saddles, grips, etc).

Pledge a dollar amount here

Are you interested in learning how to repair your own bicycle? Are you wanting to become a better volunteer?

This course will teach you the basics of bicycle maintenance and repair. Topic will include:

-Tire & Tubes

-Wheel Service

-Brakes and Shifting

-Bearing Systems

Attendants of this course will receive 10% off tool purchases.

Reserve your spot here:

*This course is for 16 years and up.

After a year and a half, we are beginning to accept volunteers on a regular basis. It will look a little different from pre-pandemic times. Rather than willy-nilly popping in, we are requiring those interested to apply for a specific volunteer position. 

To learn more and apply, click HERE.

David just returned to work at Provo Bicycle Collective after being away for a bit, because he has so much fun being an employee here! Not only can he fix a bike, but he is our go-to computer guy. He’s just finishing up a degree at BYU in computer engineering. And rumor has it, he’s also quite the bowler. David and his wife are proud parents of a little boy named Russell, who get’s all the attention every time he visits the shop. We’re elated to have David!

Matt is always the one eyeing the vintage bicycles that come in, and he’s an expert at fixing the unfixable. He has a mysterious aura about him, and every once in awhile he’ll pull out some crazy fact about himself, such as the time he played the lute in a renaissance band. Matt and his wife have a new little baby girl, and we’re all sure she is going to be shredding on a bicycle in no time at all. We love having Matt here at the Collective!

If you’ve noticed any new artistic things swimming around the Collective, Kirsten may have been the creator! She not only fixes up bikes, but she also designs the posters, social media advertisements, and more for Provo Bicycle Collective! She learned her design skills as an undergrad at BYU, and she hopes to eventually teach at the high school level. Kirsten’s passion for bikes first started when she tried mountain biking. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the sport, and biking became a staple in Kirsten’s active lifestyle. She keeps herself busy with a variety of hobbies including art, accordion playing, street hockey, backpacking, skiing, and anything else fun that happens to be going on. Keep your eyes out, who know’s what she’ll be up to next!

If you were out looking for Lars, he’d be a hard one to pin down. You could find him at the skatepark, in the mountains, on a farm, or playing saxophone at his house. His love of bikes first started when he and his dad would go mountain biking together. From there, he wanted to learn how to fix bikes, so he bought an old beater at the DI and took the whole thing apart to learn about each part. Lars is big into bike touring and bikepacking and has sewn his own bags! Say “hi” to Lars next time you stop by the Collective! 

If there’s an issue with a bike, Thane will surely find it. The bikes that come off his rack are practically perfect, and he doesn’t let any problem slide by. Thane has a wild past full of fixing cars and riding motorcycles, and he has since upgraded to being a bike mechanic. You may not realize when you see him working at his bench, but Thane is legally blind, and he works by feel rather than by sight. Thane loves getting out of the city to enjoy the mountains, to hike or picnic. On those rainy days, he enjoys non-fiction books or movies in his place in Provo. We are so lucky to have Thane here at the Collective! 

Connor is the senior employee at Provo Bicycle Collective, and he is also the youngest! He has been working here since he was 14, and started volunteering here even before that. Connor just graduated high school and will be starting at BYU this fall. Being a long time bicycle enthusiast, it’s not surprising that his bike collection is always abundant. With all of his bike projects, he still finds time to pursue his second big passion which is playing the bass. He currently plays in a bluegrass band, although part of him wishes it was a jazz band. To remember the biggest things that make up Connor, just think of the two B’s: Bicycles and Bass. 

Whenever there’s a question in the shop that nobody can answer, we always go to Sam. His knowledge of bikes is extensive, and he’s always solving all sorts of bicycle problems that people bring into the shop. His current bike count is around 20, although that fluctuates depending on how many of his friends catch the “bike bug” and take one for themselves. Him and his wife have been Provo residents for a few years now, and they have loved being near the mountains. Sam’s passion in film photography has helped him capture the great scenery that surrounds us. If you bring in your bike to the Collective to be fixed, you’ll most likely get to meet Sam!

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