Hiring! The Bicycle Collective Seeks a Director of Development

31 July 2017 Published in Salt Lake City News

The Bicycle Collective is excited to announce we are hiring our first Director of Development (DD). The DD will report directly to the Executive Director (ED) and assist the ED and the organization as a whole with our annual fundraising, grant writing, and community cultivation goals across 5 locations in Utah.

The Bicycle Collective is in the middle of an exciting period of rapid growth, expanding the number of locations we have around the state, the number of programs we offer to the communities we serve, and the amount of revenue we are able to raise in pursuit of forwarding our mission. In the past year we have experienced a revenue increase of over 25% and anticipate similar numbers over the coming years. In light of this, we have reached a turning point and the ED and Board of Directors have determined the timing is right to create a position in the organization to manage and encourage that growth.

The Collective prides itself on its managerial and operational transparency and seeks a candidate who holds firm to those values. In that spirit we are announcing the position as one that is new to our organizational structure and, as such, one that will be guided, developed, and expanded by the right candidate. We are starting the position at 20-25 hours per week, anticipating that the DD will grow revenue streams sufficiently to justify a full time position and even hire additional staff as budgets allow.

The Collective has a demonstrated track record of sustainable growth over the past few years, fueled by a unique organizational model that empowers employees to explore beyond their job descriptions, rewards success appropriately and proportionally, and treats failures or mistakes as a necessary part of growth and opportunities for learning. The ideal DD candidate will be one who sees and capitalizes on opportunities, works well as a team with the ED and all Location Directors, and is self-motivated to improve both the organization as a whole and their own, personal situation.