Sean Murphy

Board Chair Sean Murphy somewhere on the Denali Highway

In 2013 I moved to Utah from Washington, DC because this place is fascinating and wonderful and bizarre. I joined the Collective’s board in 2015 because I love our mission and because we're the only community bike shop network in the state. Some states have a series of entities doing this work, but here Utah, we're it. And that's worth fighting for. I have served as board chair since 2016, and during that time I have focused my attention on improving our institutional stability and securing the Collective's future. That focus has led to elevating the needs of our wonderful staff and improving our facilities so that the communities we serve can continue to count on us.


I will never forget the freedom I felt riding down the street on two wheels for the first time. I hope my volunteer work for the Collective helps provide that same sensation to others; whether they're riding towards stable employment, arriving in America having left somewhere far away, or just looking for a rad new project bike.


Professionally, I have worked on a range of public policy issues here in Utah, including affordable housing, campaign finance limits, air quality laws, and land use reform. Today, I plan and build transit-oriented developments for the Utah Transit Authority. I hold graduate degrees from Cornell University in city planning and public administration.