Bicycle Collective Mission

The Bicycle Collective is a group of nonprofit bike shops that refurbish donated bicycles and put them into the hands of those in need— focusing on children, newly resettled refugees and immigrants, individuals experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, individuals recovering from substance abuse, and low-to-moderate income households.

Our Impact in 2023


With our move into the New Hub in SLC complete, we will continue to grow our youth programming to pre-COVID levels.


In 2023, we gave 1,349 bicycles to those in need through our Bikes For Goodwill and Earn-A-Bike programs for adults, as well as our Kids Bike Giveaways, administered through over 65 community partners throughout Utah.



Bicycle Collective giving bikes to children in need.


The Bicycle Collective is a volunteer-fueled organization, and in 2023, our volunteers provided a heavy lift, as in lifting heavy things. Our SLC volunteer group was instrumental in helping us make our move into the New Hub.





to the Bicycle Collective in 2023! Communities throughout Utah continue to support our mission with generous bicycle and parts donations.





In 2023, we sold a total of 1,556 bikes at an average price of $243.52, making it affordable for anyone to get outside and experience the joys of cycling when we all needed a little fresh air. We also continue to expand our parts & accessories sales through our online Charity Shop. Every dollar we make from reselling bikes and parts goes back into our operations, and allows us to give more bikes away and fund our training and education programs.


Bike Valet is a service that Bicycle Collective locations provide for a fee for community events like farmer's markets and community concerts. Promoters of events can cut down on people driving cars, and we'll take care of parking and retrieving bikes for the attendees, a real win-win-win.

A Few of Our Generous supporters

Our Team

The amazing people who keep our wheels turning

Our focus is always on the people who we serve first and foremost, but we are proud of the remarkable people who play critical roles in the day to day delivery of our mission. It truly is a team effort, and these are the folks who help make the Bicycle Collective a success. Get to know our amazing staff and board members.