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Our Mission

The mission of the Bicycle Collective is to promote cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation, recreation, and as a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. The Collective provides refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community, focusing on children and lower income households.

Get Involved

The Bicycle Collective has been around for over ten years because of community involvement. Partner organizations, volunteers and donations help keep our shops running and serving those most in need.

Invest in your community!

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This is your chance to make an impact in your community.

Bicycle Collective is a 501c3 nonprofit bike shop that provides bikes and bike repair to thousands of Utahns in need each year. In 2017, we gave away 1,288 bikes to people who could not afford to purchase one for themselves.

Join us in this important work! Your investment in our mission ensures that Utahns in need have access to the clean and economical transportation they need to live a happy, healthy, and self-sufficient life.

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