Code of Conduct Pledge

The Bicycle Collective is a place of learning and community development for anyone interested in bicycles. We strive to accommodate, understand, and celebrate the cultural backgrounds and ethnic differences of everyone who walks through our doors. Doing so means that we may need to leave some of our personal views at the door. We are not a political organization and we do not promote a political agenda. We advocate by providing a supportive environment for anything to do with biking and bike repair. We promote equality mobility in every city we serve.

When representing the Bicycle Collective community as a volunteer or employee,

We pledge to:

- Be anti-racist. We endeavor to address any displays of injustice and any statements of untruth that disparage people based on their race or identity. If a derogatory or insensitive conversation develops, We will reject it and encourage others to do the same.

- Leave our political opinions at the door. We will not engage in or advocate for a specific political agenda. We will refrain from political speech while at the Bicycle Collective and while representing the Bicycle Collective.

- Honor the dignity of all individuals. We recognize that maintaining a respectful environment that celebrates the diversity of life in our community is paramount to fulfilling the Bicycle Collective’s mission. We will carry that sentiment through all our interactions with our leadership, board, employees, volunteers, clients, and customers.

In pledging ourselves to these values, we ask that all involved with the Bicycle Collective — leaders, volunteers, board members, supporters, staff — commit to taking action to make the world a more equitable place.

We have a lot of work to do — join us.