April Volunteer Highlight: St. George

St. George Bicycle Collective Volunteer Steve Morrill

Each month, Bicycle Collective features a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution from one of Bicycle Collective's four locations. This month we're featuring Steve, an amazing volunteer from the Saint George shop. 


What is your name?


My name is Steve Morrill.


When were you first introduced to bikes?


My first job at the age of 14 was assembling new Schwinn bicycles, to give you an idea of how long ago that was, the most popular bike at that time which was  the Varsity 10 speed!

Needless to say that was about 60 years ago and my love of bicycles and riding has not diminished at all, I still love to repair, build and ride.


Why did you come volunteer at Bicycle Collective?


I have recently retired and love to volunteer time here at the Bicycle Collective, it is a great benefit to the community and I get to work on as many bikes as I want, and the mechanics here are the best that there ever was! 


We look forward to continue working with Steve and are more than appreciative of all his service!