December Volunteer Highlight: St George

Cameron Keith

Each month, Bicycle Collective features a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution from one of Bicycle Collective's four locations. This month we're featuring Cameron, an exceptional volunteer from the Saint George Bicycle Collective. We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to Cameron for his contributions to the St George Bicycle Collective. As a volunteer, Cameron has made a significant impact on our mission to provide bicycles for youth. He is a great addition here at the collective, and we are so appreciative for his service.


Cameron is a missionary that joined us last year. During that year he has grown as a bicycle mechanic. His skills are now used to help refurbish kids bicycles. Those bicycles will be donated to children in need. With his help we hope to change the lives of a couple children. We appreciate his effort and service to the bicycle collective. And we look forward to having him continue his service in 2024.


What is your name?


My name is Cameron


When were you first introduced to bikes?

Around 2008


Why did you come volunteer at Bicycle Collective?

I was introduced to the bike shop by my mission leaders serving as a service missionary. I enjoy physical labor and I like the idea of mechanical work so I figured I'd take a stab at it. Had a blast so far and went from knowing nothing to being well rounded in bike mechanic knowledge.


What is your best bicycle memory?

After a race my team all ran up to me and congratulated me and helped me walk after a long hard race. 



Could you describe in detail how awesome the staff in Saint George is?

They are always willing to help teach new volunteers how to fix bikes. They go out of there way to get what the customers need and try there best to accommodate them if they need anything even if they don't have much.    


We look forward to continue working with Cameron and are more than appreciative of all his service!