Last Piece Of The Puzzle To Restore A Redline

Last Piece Of The Puzzle To Restore A Redline
The completed customer restoration of a classic Redline BMX bike

Bicycle Collective's model is well known: we receive donated bikes and parts, and we use these donations to rebuild, "upcycle," and refurbish bikes that are then given or sold at a low cost people who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford a brand new set of wheels.

We also occasionally get donations of bikes and parts that fall under the vintage or collectable category. These items are made available through our online channels to folks who are scouring the far reaches of the internet to find things they need for their own restoration projects.

Case in point, this classic Redline BMX bike. Our Provo location received a box with a whole bunch of classic Redline brand parts, including pedals, cranks, and the fork that you see on this bike. This fork could have been stashed away in a corner, but instead was listed for sale on our website. Eventually, a customer from Tennessee bought it (not the usual customer at the Provo store), and sent us a quick email thanking us, and that it was the last piece in a puzzle of a bike he was rebuilding for his granddaughter. A few weeks later, the customer sent us these photos of the finished product, and said it turned out far better than he expected. We were glad to play a small part!


Bicycle Collective was the place to find the forks on this beautiful Redline.