Donate bikes, parts, and equipment

The Bicycle Collective needs your old bike. Each year we refurbish thousands of bikes of all types. Some are sold to fund our charitable programs; some are donated to adults and children in need. If you’ve got an old clunker sitting in your garage (or you just upgraded and have no more use for that five-year-old beauty) we’ll take it! Even if it is damaged beyond repair (back over it in the driveway?) we'll pull off the useable parts and ensure the rest is recycled responsibly. Best of all, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

FAQs for bike donations

QUESTION: When can I drop off my donations?

ANSWER: The SLC location accepts walk-in donations anytime between 12:00pm and 6:00pm, Wednesday through Saturday (excluding holidays when the shop is closed)

QUESTION: Do I need an appointment?

ANSWER: for 5 bikes or less and general parts donations, just come on by. For more than 5 bikes, please call 801-328-2453 ahead of time to make sure we can accommodate you.
We have limited storage space, and calling to verify a large donation of bicycles helps us prepare space.

QUESTION: The bikes I want to donate are really dirty, is that ok?

ANSWER: Please do your best to clean off visible debris before donating. Donating extremely dirty bikes (covered in mud, dirt, grass or hay) hinders our processing abilities and puts the “dirty work” on us. Tip: you can clean your donation quickly with a garden hose or a household rag and some glass cleaner.

QUESTION: Can you pick up my donations?

ANSWER: We do not do pick-ups.

QUESTION: What do you accept?


-All types of bikes (road, hybrid, mountain, bmx, tandem, etc)

-All sizes of bikes (adult, child)

-Bike parts of any kind

-Tools of any kind

-Accessories in good condition (helmets, bike pumps, lights, locks, racks, baskets)

-Gently used cycling clothing and shoes

-Old (clean) t-shirts and dish towels that we can turn into rags for our shop



-Tag-a-Long bikes

-Anything with an internal combustion engine

-Exercise equipment or bike trainers

-Jogging strollers

-Car racks that are missing pieces (if we can’t sell it as a fully functioning rack, please do not donate it). We may refuse a car rack donation if we do not have the space to house it.

-Trailers that are missing hitches (if we can’t sell it as a fully functioning trailer, please do not donate it). We may refuse a trailer rack donation if we do not have the space to house it.