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Lizard Skins

Lizard Skins, MOAB, Dual sided lock on grips, Black, NEW

Lizard Skins MOAB Grips:

Elevate your off-road adventures with the Lizard Skins MOAB Grips, the ultimate grip upgrade for mountain biking enthusiasts. Engineered for superior performance and crafted with precision, these grips are designed to enhance your control and comfort on even the most challenging trails.

Key Features:
1. Dual-Sided Lock-On Grip: The MOAB Grips come with dual-sided lock-on technology, providing a secure and reliable attachment to your handlebars. Say goodbye to slipping grips and embrace the confidence of complete control.

2. Sleek Black Color: These grips feature a sleek black color that complements any bike setup. Add a touch of style to your ride and stand out on the trails with these eye-catching grips.

3. Perfect Length: With a length of 130mm, the MOAB Grips offer ample coverage for your hands, ensuring comfort and support during long rides, technical descents, and rough terrains.

4. Lightweight Design: Weighing just 114g, these grips are engineered to optimize your bike's performance without adding unnecessary weight. Experience agile and responsive handling as you navigate through the trails.

5. Ideal Diameter: The 30.5mm diameter is thoughtfully designed to accommodate various hand sizes, providing a comfortable grip and reducing hand fatigue during intense rides.

Upgrade your mountain biking experience with the Lizard Skins MOAB Grips - the ultimate choice for confident and controlled handling. Whether you're conquering rocky descents or shredding through singletrack trails, these grips will keep you in command of your bike.

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