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Origin 8

Origin-8, Torqlite, Square taper, Bottom bracket 68x116mm, NEW

Origin-8 Torqlite Square Taper Bottom Bracket:

Upgrade your cycling adventure with the Origin-8 Torqlite Square Taper Bottom Bracket, the ultimate choice for riders seeking durability, precision, and smooth performance. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and engineered for excellence, this bottom bracket is designed to redefine your ride, providing you with the confidence and control you need on every pedal stroke.

Key Features:
1. Forged Alloy Body and Cups: The Origin-8 Torqlite Square Taper Bottom Bracket is built with a forged alloy body and cups, offering enhanced strength and durability to withstand the rigors of intense cycling.

2. CNC Hollow Chromoly Spindle: With a CNC hollow chromoly spindle, this bottom bracket ensures optimal power transfer and reduced weight, providing you with a responsive and efficient pedal stroke.

3. Sealed Cartridge Bearings: Equipped with sealed cartridge bearings, this bottom bracket guarantees smooth and low-friction rotation, enhancing your overall cycling performance.

4. SHIMANO Equivalent BB-UN55: Designed as a SHIMANO equivalent BB-UN55, this bottom bracket ensures seamless compatibility with a wide range of bike setups.

5. 68mm ENG SQR: Featuring a 68mm English thread and square taper interface, this bottom bracket is suitable for most standard bike frames and cranksets.

6. 116mm Length: With a 116mm length, this bottom bracket provides ample clearance for smooth chainring rotation, reducing wear and tear on your drivetrain.

Upgrade your ride with the Origin-8 Torqlite Square Taper Bottom Bracket - where durability, precision, and performance unite. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to elevate your cycling adventure. Order the Origin-8 Torqlite Square Taper Bottom Bracket now and experience the joy of smooth and powerful cycling performance!

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