Women, Trans, Femme Night

*Appointments Recommended for DIY Bike Projects*

A safe and supportive learning environment for those who identify!

Bicycle maintenance has traditionally been an overwhelmingly (cis)male-dominated area. It is our goal to help empower individuals who may have been marginalized or intimidated in this setting to be knowledgeable and confident working on their bikes. The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective holds Women Trans Femme (WTF) Night in the shop every Wednesday from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. This program offers a friendly and inclusive learning environment for those who identify to fix their own bikes, buy bikes and parts, and learn all things bicycle!

COVID-19 Era Requirements: Masks & physical distance required! We’re accepting up to 5 people in the shop at a time to shop for bikes or parts -- or for you to pick up a wrench and DIY learn how to work on your bike. 

Women, Trans, Femme Night is weekly on Wednesdays, 6:00 - 8:00PM: Please sign up if you would like to bring in your bike for DIY repairs or adjustments: our volunteer and staff WTF+ mechanics are happy to give pointers to help you get your bike going! Use of the shop for DIY projects (bench/tool rental cost) is waived for working on a bike at a stand during COVID-19 for the time being but donations are encouraged as all costs help support our educational and charitable programs! Walk in's are welcome for small shopping or DIY bench time. 

Please note - bicycle adjustments often take longer than expected: if needed, sign up for more than one spot. Sign up here to ensure a DIY project slot: https://calendly.com/bicyclecollective/women-trans-femme-night 

This space is for:

Anyone who identifies as female, transgender, femme, gender diverse, gender non-binary, trans-masculine, trans-feminine, or feels that their socialization or treatment as a woman, transperson*, or femme, + has impeded their participation in bicycle mechanics.

Women: A person who identifies as a woman.

Trans: Transgender, gender diverse, gender non-conforming, gender creative, anyone whose gender identity is fluid, transgressive, and/or transitioning.

Femme: A gender identity in which a person of any gender embodies a feminine appearance, expression, or identity.

If you are not WTF identified, BECOME AN ALLY:

  • Respect the space: Come during our regular open shop hours.
  • Respect People: During our regular open shop hours, treat all female & trans* folks as you would any other person (don’t assume they’re less knowledgeable, don’t call them “sweety,” and NEVER take a wrench out of their hand!)
  • Get Educated: Learn about the issues facing women, trans*, and gender diverse communities.
  • Educate others: About why and how to be an ally!

This program was implemented with assistance from BICAS.org and other WTF program models across the nation.