May Volunteer Highlight: Provo

Ogden Bicycle Community donation

Each month, Bicycle Collective features a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution from one of Bicycle Collective's four locations. This month we're featuring Brian, an amazing volunteer from the Provo.  We would like to express our gratitude to Brian for his invaluable contributions to the Ogden Bicycle Collective. As a dedicated volunteer, Brian has made a significant impact on our mission to provide bicycles for youth and support our metal recycling program.


Brian's expertise as a retired airplane mechanic has been instrumental in our efforts to refurbish donated bicycles, ensuring that they are safe and functional for the children who receive them. His meticulous attention to detail and vast knowledge of mechanics have allowed us to provide quality bicycles that bring joy and independence to countless young riders.



What is your name?


My name is Brian Sterritt


When were you first introduced to bikes?

1964 at 4 years old.


Why did you come volunteer at Bicycle Collective?

 I like doing all kinds of mechanical work.  As a profession I worked 43 years as a certificated aircraft mechanic.  9 years of it was as an avionics specialist.  I've had a long interest in bicycle maintenance.  When I found out about volunteer opportunity at the Bicycle Collective after retirement it became a natural transition.  I worked on commercial jets to make a living.  I work on bikes for enjoyment.   


We look forward to continue working with Brian and are more than appreciative of all his service!