November Volunteer Highlight: Provo

November Volunteer Highlight: Provo

Each month, Bicycle Collective features a volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution from one of the Bicycle Collective's four locations. This month we're featuring Preston, a stellar volunteer from the Provo shop. He started volunteering at the beginning of October and has already given 40 hours--he's come to just about every Volunteer Night since he found out about us!


How did you get involved with Bicycle Collective?
"I had a friend that introduced me to it. He was a good friend from one of my classes… I was looking for a good place to volunteer and he told me about it.”

What do you enjoy most about Bicycle Collective?
“I like the people that come. I feel like they’re all coming here with a good intention, not necessarily just to check a box. It’s fun to share a hobby with people!”

How has cycling impacted your life?
“In high school it pushed me to work towards a goal and now it’s become a getaway from school and life and just a good way to enjoy the outdoors. It transitioned from being just a sport to a stress reliever from school and stuff.”

What are some of your other hobbies?
“I love golf. And I love basketball and watching basketball. I love skiing and being with my wife.”


Thank you, Preston, for being such a fantastic and helpful volunteer!